Get the Body You Want in Just 6 Weeks


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Get the Body You Want in Just 6 Weeks – Here’s How to do it.

Before you can really start bodybuilding, you must think about these things. You must think about what you want to look like and what areas you want to focus on. The great thing about the bodybuilding tips that you are going to learn today is that you can use them to improve your overall body and not just one area.

You will also need to remember that bodybuilding is not just an exercising program but eating more nutritionally can help you to build your muscle faster as well. The better that you eat, the better your metabolism is. This also gets more nutrients to your body so that it can create the muscle you are looking for.

Also, remember that bodybuilding, especially over the course 6 weeks or longer does take commitment. So, start today and make the time in your schedule. You are about to find out the best kept secrets and tips for how to get the body you want in just 6 weeks.

How can you create definition in your body in just 6 weeks?

Okay so one of the goals that you have is to create definition in your body in only 6 weeks. Well, luckily for you this can be done. One of the best types of workouts that you will find helps to build this definition in this short amount of time is the cardio or high intensity workouts. These will not only allow you to build muscle but help you to burn fat as well.

Did you know that the best time for you to workout is right when you get up, even before you eat breakfast? This allows you to boost your metabolism which then properly digests and takes in the nutrients from your food.

How can you retain the muscle mass in your body?

Maybe a different goal that you have in your bodybuilding efforts is to retain the muscle mass in your body. This is a very common goal and it can be done in 6 weeks and you can keep doing it as well. One of the best ways for you to do this is to life heavier weights. The more consistently that you are able to lift weights the more likely you will be able to retain muscle.

If you don’t lift weights then your body will lose energy hence losing muscle mass. The one thing that you will want to remember though is that you should not overwork yourself or train too much either. If you do then your body will be overly stressed and this causes your muscle to break down instead of building it up.

What exercises will you want to do during the first two weeks of your 6 week bodybuilding plan?

Alright so now you know much more about how bodybuilding works to build muscle but what type of exercises do you need to do in order to build that muscle? Well, you will want to start with the exercise that you should do during the first two weeks of your bodybuilding plan.

During the first two weeks you will be focusing on your abs, your chest, your legs, your back and your shoulders too. Also remember that all of the exercises that you will do you can find out how to do online and through videos.

On the 1st day of your plan you will want to do 4 sets of each of the following 20 cable crunches, 20 decline reverse crunches and as many lying leg raises that you can do each set.

On the 2nd day of your plan you will want to 1 set of 6 BB bench presses and the same for the incline DB presses. You will also want to do 6 sets of 12 cable crossovers, pullovers and dips too.

On the 3rd day of your plan you should do 20 minutes of high intensity training but make sure that you warm up first for about 5 to 10 minutes. Then you will continue with 4 sets of 20 cable crunches and decline reverse crunches. You should also do 4 sets of lying leg raises with as many as you can each set.

On the 4th day of your plan you will do 1 set of 6 reps of wide stance BB squats, lunges and stiff legged deadlifts. You will also do 6 sets of 12 reps of leg extensions and seated calf raises.

On the 5th  day of your plan you should do 20 minutes of high intensity training and make sure that you do 5 to 10 minutes of warm ups. You will then do 4 sets of 20 cable crunches and decline reverse crunches. You should also do 4 sets of lying leg raises with as many as you can each time.

On the 6th day of your plan you will want to do 1 set of 6 reps of bent over BB rows, BB shoulder presses, one arm DB rows and WG pulldowns. You should also do 6 sets of 12 reps of heavy weight shrugs.

On the 7th day of your plan you will want to work on your abs and you will do 4 sets of 20 cable crunches and decline reverse crunches too. Then you will do 4 set of lying leg raises on a flat bench with as many as you can for each set.

bodybuildingroutine (1)What exercises will you do for weeks 3-6?

Now that you have made it through the first two weeks of your bodybuilding plan you will head on to the third and fourth weeks. Keep up your motivation because you are doing great. Now, you will want to keep up with the high intensity workouts.

During the third and fourth weeks you will do the same thing as week two except for you will also do anything high intensity workout on the seventh day of the weeks and your cardio sets with me 30 minutes and your high intensity workouts with be 20 reps instead of 12 reps.

You have made it to your final stretch, weeks five and six. Now, during these weeks your cardio sets with be 45 minutes long and your will do your high intensity workouts at 25 reps instead of 20 reps. You can also do another high intensity workout each day of the week if you can but you don’t have to.

How will doing all of those exercises give you the body that you want in 6 weeks?

Depending on your consistency throughout those workouts you should see many changes in your body over the course of the six weeks. You will notice that your muscles are harder, you should see your abs more clearly and your muscles will be more defined too.

You will look better and you will feel great too. The other thing that should really be noted is that bodybuilding is not just about the way that you exercise or how much that you exercise. As previously mentioned you will want to take a look at other aspects of your life as well such as how you often you are eating, what you are eating and even looking at your sleeping habits as well.

What should you pay attention to in regards to your eating habits and sleeping habits during a bodybuilding plan?

You should always remember that the way that you eat and the amount that you are eating are going to affect any type of workout program that you consider doing. Each day you should have 3 fully balanced meals and also make sure to have 2 to 3 healthy snacks throughout the day as well.

Your snacks should be properly placed between your meals: one about an hour and a half after you eat breakfast, another snack about two hours after you eat lunch and another smaller snack about an hour and a half after you eat your dinner. This will allow you to keep your energy going all day long and keep your body at healthy metabolism levels all day as well.

Also remember that caffeine is not the way to get your energy. Instead, you should try to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Many people try to get their recommended intake of water all earlier in the day but that doesn’t help when you are trying to build muscle because then later in the day your body becomes dehydrated, making it harder to build and keep muscle.

You can also help to build your muscle by taking in branched chain amino acids, glutamine and even EAAs too. They can all give you more energy which prevents the breakdown of muscle.

Don’t forget that what you eat and when you eat isn’t the only mitigating factor besides your bodybuilding plan that helps you to build muscle. When you make sure that you get a proper 8 to 10 hours of sleep each night then you will also have the appropriate amount of energy needed to work on your bodybuilding plan.

Also, by getting the right amount of sleep you are giving your body the chance to recuperate from the day’s exercising as well.

Now that you know all there is to know about getting the body that you want in just 6 short weeks you can get started on your bodybuilding plan today. One of the most highly recommended tips when you want to start bodybuilding is to write your plan down and stick with it.

If you happen to miss a day just pick up the next day. You do not have to start all over. Bodybuilding is not just for the professionals anymore. Anyone, including you, can do it and you can get started any time that you want to as well. You can use the tips and exercises talked about here to get started on your very own bodybuilding plan.

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